QAnon Starter Kit – For Newbies and Experts…

Many people are new to Q/QAnon. They want to know about Q, but do not know where to start. They know that mainstream media, newspapers, magazines and celebrities cannot be trusted to give honest factual information.

This post attempts to provide a STARTER KIT for people who are new to QANON phenomenon and want some quick and accurate information on it. After reviewing the basics they may or may not want to do a deeper dive to research extensively. This compilation will cater to both kind of audience.

Those interested in just the basics can go through some videos, articles and stop after completing Section 1. Others interested in extensive coverage are encourage to use the links in Section 2.


Mainstream Media has 100% negative articles and videos on QAnon. Therefore their articles and videos gives an incorrect perspective. There are researchers, who have been studying Q since October 2017 for the sheer joy of finding truth themselves and helping others discover reality. Those are the only ones, who can provide an unbiased opinion and data on this subject.

NEW – Q : Introduction. This article provides high level summary of QAnon beginnings, needs and terms used.

First video to watch to understand context around the need for a GREAT AWAKENING –

Next two videos to get additional info. These are 1 year old but give a good background on where to find Q posts. You may skip these if you don’t want to lookup Q posts by yourself.

This is the best series of videos to find awesome information about QAnon.

YouTube Channel to follow many conspiracies – Edge of Wonder

There are several other good commentators and youtube channels, that cover QAnon accurately. However, their exhaustive coverage may be too much for beginners.

People should be careful about going to 8chan/8kun website. There is too much inappropriate material on those boards. Therefore, the best place to get all QPosts organised at a separate dedicated website is –

Android app to get all Q posts –

There are too many shills, trolls and Larpers trying to stop and distort QAnon movement. Two main people to avoid are Austin Steinbart and Alex Jones ( exposed as Mossad agent in 2018).

Q has never communicated with anyone or any group outside of the boards. Anyone claiming to be Q or in contact with Q is definitely misleading the public.

Finally to get a perspective on how deep the conspiracies go, try this article to research on a previous US president –


Additional links for more information (Thank you Melyssa Hubbard) –

Q : Killing The Mockingbird

Q : We Are The Plan

Q : Dark To Light

Q : Notable Human Trafficking Arrests

Q : Notable Resignations

Q : Sealed Indictments

OIG Report (Pg. 294 = Crime Against Children)

Wikileaks : Podesta Emails

Wikileaks : Hillary Clinton’s Emails

FBI : Discovery On Anthony Weiners Laptop

The Insurance Policy

Uranium One Scandal Explained

FBI Vault : Uranium One Transaction

Spygate : True Collusion

Q : Why It’s NOT A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ (Edge of Wonder)

Q : 7 Q Facts The MSM Won’t Admit (Edge of Wonder)

Q : 10 Reasons Q Might Be Real

The Book of Q…/1TBb2p3h8jAbntjMu1JICuxNIz_…/view

Pizzagate 101 : Ben Swann’s Reality Check

NEW – 2,024 Epstein Documents…/6250471-Epstein-Docs.html

Epstein’s Flight Manifests to Lolita Island

His Name Was SETH RICH Links

NEW – Who Killed Seth Rich? (OAN)


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