Welcome to The Great Awakening

Thanks for viewing my webblog…

I am Qanon researcher Q follower and Trump supporter.

Are you a POTUS Trump supporter interested in Politics both British and American, interested in the Q Movement or want to find out more then thanks for joining and reading my blog….and our Q movement.



A brief description of our movement below

Please read and then join and share with your friends.

The Great Awakening is a group of Patriots who support President Trump and Qteam
you are welcomed to post anything Q related and anything relating to American and British Politics. https://qmap.pub

I post related posts with links to QAnon, American and British Politics,

Required reading for anyone new to Q I highly recommend you read about who Q is what the breadcrumbs are…

Who is Q?”
\\”Q Clearance Patriot\\”, or \\”Q\\” has been given the task of bringing everyone up to speed about the wrongdoings and evil that almost took over our world.
They have held the evidence to bring down a woworldwideing of blackmail, and Admiral Rogers gave Trump the key.

Combined with Military and Navy Intelligence, Trump has gone full Andrew Jackson and America has been in a state of National Emergency since December 21, 2017 w, hen the \\”Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption\\” was signed

Trump, Q, Sessions, and all the other named and unnamed patriots in the intelligence communities and the boots on the ground have put their lives on the line to restore America to her rightful beauty in the world.
These patriots have watched as the world burned around them waiting for the day their plan will come to be. To set things right.

Welcome to the Q research You’re in for a helluva ride, so get comfy~
Because if you shine the light on the truth, the rest will set us free.

The success of this entire operation rests on our backs to take the information that has been gained by the Q posts and the anons that have come up with the undeniable proof (the keystone) and share that with the general population… intel already has all the facts.

Our job in its beautiful simplicity is to communicate it to our friends and families. Q has made this crystal clear.
The truth is power.

Dark to light.

Thanks for reading…

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