What’s needed to know about Q and QAnon/s

Yes both different but with the same objective…

Q started last October, when an anonymous person called Q started posting cryptic clues on 4Chan.
Trump supporters eventually found these clues, which they call “breadcrumbs,” and spun them into a whole counter-narrative that’s contrary to just about everything that’s actually happening in the world.

The beginning…
On 28 October 2017, “Q” emerged from the primordial swamp of the internet on the message board 4chan.
In a thread called “Calm Before the Storm”, #Calmbeforethestorm and in subsequent posts, Q established his legend as a government insider with the (very top security clearance) who knew the truth about a secret struggle for power involving Donald Trump, the “deep state”, Robert Mueller, the Clintons, pedophile rings, and other stuff.

Since then, Q has continued to drop “breadcrumbs” these are terms for clues on 4chan but now 8chan, fostering the “QAnon/s” Anonymous people using encrypted software now a community devoted to decoding Q’s messages and understanding the real truth about, well, everything.

The MSM are calling Q and QAnon conspiracy theory and theories, but they are also the targets of Q and QAnon/s.

Chances are that the more you read about it, the more confused you will be unless you fully understand and follow the Breadcrumbs from the start.

Just Imagine a volatile mix of Pizzagate, InfoWars and the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, multiplied by the power of the internet and with an extra boost from a handful of conservative celebrities.

Remember Valerie Jarrett sitcom Celeb Rosanne Barr Fired who raised eyebrows with a series of tweets that invoked Q and QAnon. Barr’s tweets focused on the supposed existence of hundreds of pedophile rings, including in Hollywood, that Trump is personally breaking up.

Another high-profile QAnon is Curt Schilling, the former Major League Baseball pitcher who now hosts a podcast for Breitbart.

The Clintons and those with Money Power and Wealth didn’t take to kindly that Trump became POTUS and will still do anything to rid him because of the fear of what might come #Thestorm.

In many of Trumps speeches if you analyse them you will hear Breadcrumbs short words and descriptions about Q and what is about to come, but you have to know what to listen for and know what they mean.

Just listen to Trumps 2016 election address in the link below.

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